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Mass & Inertia - EETSE053

Mass & Inertia - EETSE053

Equipement Details



​Equipment Code





School, Colleges, Science Lab,Public Parks etc.,,

​Equipement Dimension

5 * 3 * 7

Require Area Dimension

7 * 5 * 9

Recommended Class


​Age Group

Customer Requirement

Equipement Type

Teaching Scientific Equipment

Equipement Discription

Eswar Enterprises offer a wide and comprehensive range Scientific Park Mass & Inertia. These Teaching Scientific Equipment Mass & Inertia comprise work areas made for children to play. As play and children go hand in hand, working helps in all round growth and development of Scientific Knowledge. We offer these Teaching Scientific Equipment Mass & Inertia in various forms and sizes so as to attract children. These are designed keeping in view the varied interests and switching likes of the children. Our customers can avail these Teaching Scientific Equipment Mass & Inertia for their children sat pocket friendly and affordable market prices according to their best suited needs. These qualities ensure to make us the leading Mass & Inertia manufacture.


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